Pre book is live... 10th Anniversary edition filet brazed Lo Pro.

Affinity is proud to offer our 10th anniversary limited edition filet brazed Lo Pro. The shiny filet brazing glares through our clear keirin sparkle paint with white decals and old school flare.

Say hi to our new crown lugged 1" fork with tight clearances, so tight it barely fits 25c tires... file it down if you want your tire to fit any bigger than 23c. Remember that sick vintage fork you could never get, here it is.

Pre book is live on the website... limited quantity, reserve yours now before they're gone. Ships the first week in October.

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Bjorn Lexius through the lense at the Redhook Crit Barcelona. Ash Duban wins, track side and a Whole lot more...

Ash and the Affinity crew had a pretty epic weekend... Barcelona is always the best stop in the Redhook series.

Here's a look through the lense of Ash, Emi and Wilis on their journey to victory, the prep, track side and everything in between.

Congrats Ash on a huge win, to Wilis for being track dad, Emi for her support role and to Bjorn for the incredible pictures.

Many thanks to our sponsors Deluxe Cycles Santini Phil Wood Thomson and Vittoria tires.

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Photography courtesy of Bjorn Lexius.

Vittoria Corsa G Tubulars... or the rubber that keeps us grounded.

If you follow the Affinity feed then you'll know well that we love Vittoria tires. Why you may ask? Well this post will pretty much clarify and also give you some insight which you may not have previously known.

For Affinity and our team riders, we ride the Corsa G competition in both clincher and tubular depending on the day to day usage. Typically our track wheels are tubular, although for the most part the clinchers roll and feel pretty much the same.

Both the tubbies and clinchers have 320 TPI (threads per inch) and like a fine suit the higher the thread count the better the tire. Higher TPI means the tire will feel more supple on the road and since the thread count is high it'll also be less prone to flats. A double win in our book.

The Corsa's (and most Vittoria tires) also feature Graphene... what's Graphene? Basically it's an extremely thin sheet of carbon fiber which has a host of advantages including better rolling resistance, better cornering capabilities and it gives the tire more grip.

Overall the Corsa's are one of the best all around performance tire, we use them year round on the road, and track (whether wood, or asphalt)... hell we even train indoors on them!

Lastly, we want to comment on the Vittoria Mastik glue... it's pretty much a staple for track racers, it's super tacky and ensures you'll never roll a tire. Enough said, basically it's an industry standard in our world.

Oh the best part, they come in gum wall and anthracite... thank you Vittoria for making the tire of our dreams.

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