Affinity Phil Wood left hand drive train exclusive.

One of these things is not like the other...⁣ ⁣

Affinity and Phill Wood come together to create a full left hand drive train.⁣ ⁣ Custom left hand threaded Phil Wood Pro track hubs, 15t and 16t cogs to match, and 165mm left hand threaded Affinity Pro track cranks... gun metal ano, with lime green pantograph.⁣ ⁣

10 sets were made, we're keeping half so 5 are available for sale... $1,000.00 for the entire drive train edition, buy here.⁣ ⁣

Thank you Phil Wood for being the greatest and giving us the bandwidth to create this epic one off project!⁣ ⁣

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Red Hook Crit Track Day 2018

Thank you Red Hook Crit for having us host track day, and a huge debt of gratitude to Affinity rider and Japanese Keirin Pro Toshifumi Kodama for lending his expertise to host a free keirin clinic.

Pictures courtesy of Takuya Sakamoto.

Affinity wants to thank Toshi Kodama and his Sifdare Japanese crit squad, and our sponsors KRYPTONITE x Sfidare Crit #RedHookCrit #rhcbk11 #LoopMagazine #Catlike #Tempracycle #テンプラ #Tempra #PearlIzumi #PearlIzumiJapan #Affinitycycles #ContinentalTire #highwaytwo #ManhattanPortage #newyorktough #Kryptonitelock #KryptoniteLights #CLTstyleJP #104サイクル #sfidarecrit #sfidarejp


Pre book is live... 10th Anniversary edition filet brazed Lo Pro.

Affinity is proud to offer our 10th anniversary limited edition filet brazed Lo Pro. The shiny filet brazing glares through our clear keirin sparkle paint with white decals and old school flare.

Say hi to our new crown lugged 1" fork with tight clearances, so tight it barely fits 25c tires... file it down if you want your tire to fit any bigger than 23c. Remember that sick vintage fork you could never get, here it is.

Pre book is live on the website... limited quantity, reserve yours now before they're gone. Ships the first week in October.

#A10yearAffinity #limitededition #filetbrazed #affinitycycles #lopro #whatsyouraffinity

Vittoria Corsa G Tubulars... or the rubber that keeps us grounded.

If you follow the Affinity feed then you'll know well that we love Vittoria tires. Why you may ask? Well this post will pretty much clarify and also give you some insight which you may not have previously known.

For Affinity and our team riders, we ride the Corsa G competition in both clincher and tubular depending on the day to day usage. Typically our track wheels are tubular, although for the most part the clinchers roll and feel pretty much the same.

Both the tubbies and clinchers have 320 TPI (threads per inch) and like a fine suit the higher the thread count the better the tire. Higher TPI means the tire will feel more supple on the road and since the thread count is high it'll also be less prone to flats. A double win in our book.

The Corsa's (and most Vittoria tires) also feature Graphene... what's Graphene? Basically it's an extremely thin sheet of carbon fiber which has a host of advantages including better rolling resistance, better cornering capabilities and it gives the tire more grip.

Overall the Corsa's are one of the best all around performance tire, we use them year round on the road, and track (whether wood, or asphalt)... hell we even train indoors on them!

Lastly, we want to comment on the Vittoria Mastik glue... it's pretty much a staple for track racers, it's super tacky and ensures you'll never roll a tire. Enough said, basically it's an industry standard in our world.

Oh the best part, they come in gum wall and anthracite... thank you Vittoria for making the tire of our dreams.

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Behind the scenes: Affinity Phil Wood Deluxe Cycles team edition wheel set.

The art of wheel building… peep the behind the scenes process of Deluxe Cycles master mechanic Tijon Randall doing what he does best.

Attention to detail is the name of the game.

Affinity is very proud to have the support of Phil Wood hubs and the Deluxe Cycles deep section carbon clincher rims, together they create the Affinity team edition wheel set.

#whatsyouraffinity #deluxecycles #philwood #affinitycycles #teamedition #handlacedwheels #builtbysweethoneybabytijon #a10yearAffinity

Many thanks to Phil Wood and Deluxe Cycles, you’re the best sponsors in the biz… a special thanks to Kenji Edmonds aka Roley Poley Productions for the edit.

Race recap: Escape from New York... How the race was won.

A (very) detailed race recap and photography by Kenji Edmonds.

Escape from New York: How the race was won.

For years now, I've dreamt of participating in Escape from New York. I haven’t done so because, A. I’m a dad, B. i'm getting old and C. these days I’m not really accustomed to pulling all-nighters like I used to when I was a young buck.

That said, a few weeks ago, I received a text from Jason:

"Hey would you be into doing Escape From New York next Sat w/ me and Tijon? It'd be fun... we'd need one more for our team. Someone who'd be fun to roll around the city with and get drunk and have fun! hahaha."

I promptly replied "say no more, I'm in and have the perfect fourth man in mind." I hit up my buddy Chris and he agreed before I could even finish explaining what the event was... the squad was lined up and ready for fun. It was Jason, Chris, Tijon and myself.

We didn't really know what to expect, all we knew is that there were points awarded if the whole team was in costume. I took the lead and ran to the corner store to buy anything that would work…. eye-patches, beach wraps and florescent scarves. Tijon immediately saw potential and cut the beach wraps and scarves into pieces and we all tied them around our heads. We cut holes in our clothes, used Phil Wood hub packaging as arm bands and became Team Iron Cheeks!

After a solid two hours of pre-gaming it was pouring rain outside. We weren't sure if the ride was still a go and to be perfectly honest we were already getting better acquainted with some small batch bourbon I had been saving.

In the end, we all voted to roll out to to the start in Dumbo. Squid aka Cycle Hawk was registering teams. It turns out that 18 teams were registered and were ready to roll over the Manhattan bridge and kickoff Escape from New York.

We had zero expectations going into this... a few days before Jason hit me up and we discussed our game plan:

"Are we trying to win this thing?" I went on that Tijon was rocking his fat bike, Chris had a front rack and I’m on my Broken Arrow cross bike… and we’re bringing flasks of Four Roses Bourbon. "Let's just get crazy and have a good time."

Just before the start we discussed a very loose strategy. Jason would ride off to do the solo check point and receive the list of bonus point tasks, while the rest of our team b-lined it for the tattoo checkpoint to try to avoid the long lines.

Tijon stepped up and snagged 100 points for with an epic battle-axe EFNY tat.

Jason finished the first three checkpoints, and even pulled off a win at the arm wrestling challenge. Team Iron Cheeks reunited and rolled east to hit the acting challenge.

From the get-go we knew that Chris was our man for the acting challenge.  Chris has been a professional union extra for the past five years... yet somehow, this was his first major speaking role. We weren't sure who our second actor was going to be, but once we saw Jason acting the fool (Four Roses Bourbon), we threw Tijon into the supporting role and the two of them nailed it, even scoring us bonus points.

At this point we’d finished the five mandatory checkpoints and realized that we still had quite a bit of time left.

Jason's natural competitive edge kicked in and out we went to complete as many extra bonus tasks as possible... we hopped in a cab for a quick team selfie (50 pts), then headed north to snag a team picture in front of a chandelier (don’t ask) yielding us another (50 pts).

As we were flying up park ave. we spotted another team taking a pic in front of a restaurant with chandeliers. They reluctantly agreed to take our picture, then we took theirs… little did we know that they would be the team we’d battle it out in the finals. With all of the tasks completed, we made our way to the finish at the steps of the NY public library.

We arrived and found out that we were the top team for overall points. Thinking that we had won the whole event, we immediately started celebrating and finished the last of the Four Roses Bourbon.

After the last round of shots, we came to find out that we would now have to race the second place team to the top of the 59th st bridge to determine the overall winning team. I panicked… they must be joking… I mean, what were we doing all evening?

Squid gave us the details… we’d be racing another team to the top of the bridge while transporting a stuffed life-sized "president." Ha!

After a quick team meeting we came to the consensus that Tijon would go alone to the bridge on his fat bike while the remaining three strapped the "president" to Chris' front rack, then make a dash for the bridge.

Squid yells "3, 2, 1, GO!" and we quickly strap the president to Chris' front rack and ripped east across 42nd street. Two blocks in I realize that I was going to have a problem. My ridiculous costume was making me seriously overheat.

On 1st ave. Jason spotted me slowing and dropped back to literally push me up the 1st ave hill on our way to the bridge. I was managing maybe 16 mph on my own, but with his monster push I easily hit 23.

We I arrived at the base of the bridge together, but then he took off up the hill. Chris was in front of us and I hoped that Tijon's head start got him safely to the top before us… that meant that I was the last person in our team, and shit I had to drop the hammer!

Suddenly, I look up and saw a pile of bikes on the path in front of me. I recognized Jason's bike on the ground… he went at it with those guys and went down.

As I approached I could see that one guy was holding Jason's rear wheel and wouldn't let go... I slowed down to offer Jason any "assistance" he might need, and the opposing team member reluctantly released his grasp on Jason's bike.

Up ahead I saw Tijon and Chris at the top of the bridge and sprinted as fast as I could. Jason’s chain dropped so it took a second to get going again… all the while the other team was on their way to the win.

In the final moments of the race, Jason got his bike fixed, jumped on and squeezed by the other two guys struggling up the bridge to snag first place in a very unexpected victory!

The finish on the bridge was a battle to the end and we are beyond thrilled to win Escape from New York.

A big thanks to @cyclehawk and @trackordie for throwing such a fun event... and thank you if you actually hung on to read our epic tale of Escape From New York!

Phil Wood Pro Track Hubs/Wheel build part 2.

Phil Wood is no doubt the king of precision track hubs. For small business to make a product that becomes a standard in the industry is a dream come true... and also a bit of a curse. How do you top an already perfect product?

The team at Phil Wood did just that with the Pro Track Hub. In short they lightened it up, and (IMO) made it look nicer, with a few more bits of detail... and as we all know the devil is in the details.

Check out the picture set and read on for the devilish bits.

First off, the Phil Wood Pro Track Hub is an object of beauty. The heart of this hub set is the original high flange design which is CNC machined in the USA. From there the hub is machined with some trick holes on each flange, overall the minor change in machining gives the Pro track hubs is a nice refresher to a hub that already stands apart from the rest... well done guys.

Next the important bits... they're lighter and faster.

A noticeable change is the addition of Titanium axle bolts in lieu of the beefy steel bolts we've all come to trust and love. These new Ti bolts are pretty and lighter than the OG steel bolts. The larger O.D. of the front aluminum end caps and washers provides a larger contact area for a more secure interface for the front hub with the larger dropouts on carbon forks.

I will say that the steel bolts will last longer... Titanium is softer then steel. Look at it this way, you always have to sacrifice something, in this case it is longevity/durability. What you gain is stiffness, weight and aesthetic.

Next is the addition of a 7075 aluminum axle instead of the standard steel axle... the main reason, weight. Phil even went the extra mile to anodize the axle to prevent corrosion.

The final bit of weight reduction (and for me an increase in functionality) is their Pro track lock ring. Another object of beauty... it's CNC machined from 7075 alu instead of its steel big brother and anodized to prevent corrosion. The best part, it's CNC'd to accept a standard Shimano BB tool to put on a take off the lock ring. That means a lot of engagement, and not having to worry about stripping the lock ring. IMO, this is the best lock ring in the market hands down.

Finally the fast part, they've swapped the bomb proof R8 bearings with low drag carbonite bearings... and thank you Phil because I've got wood over these jams! These bearings are ultra smooth, spin forever and they're also super durable. Most high end bearing don't last long... according to Phil Wood, these bearings will last the test of time.

Depending on which rear hub you choose, the difference in weight (for the hub set) is around 140 grams give or take a couple. For those weight weeinies out there every grams counts... for me the beauty of the hubs is in the nicer machining and spinny low drag bearings.

Overall the Phil Wood Pro Track Hubs are the nicest track hubs in the market, the best part they're marginally more $$$ than the standard high flange PW hubs. As with most trick parts, these unicorns are a bit hard to find, you need to contact Phil Wood directly to snag a pair, but be on the look out later this year for a custom set of limited edition Phil/Affinity 10 year Pro Track hubs...

Thank you to the team at Phil Wood for making these lovely gems and for supporting our "Pro" track team with the best hubs in the biz!

#whatsyouraffinity #philwood #protrackhubs

Deluxe Cycles 80mm Carbon rims/wheel build Part 1.

In the world of after market bike parts there's companies that are the standards in industry... they're the staple products you buy if you're building up a quality build. Aside from the industry leaders, it boils down to following the market and figuring out those niche companies that introduce product that just nail it on the head.

What we have here is the best of both worlds with this Deluxe Cycles carbon wheel set... read on but first enjoy this picture set.

Deluxe Cycles is that new niche company, and their carbon rims are at the top of their game compared to their highest end counterparts (IE: ENVE, FFWD, ZIPP etc.). Bang for your buck you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal... they're $360 per rim.

I'm running the Deluxe 80mm tubular track rims laced to the Phil Wood Pro track hubs (part 2 of the review) and my tires of choice are the Vittoria Corsa tubulars (part 3).

These 80mm beasts are stiff and super thick, a proprietary feature for an otherwise non proprietary mold rim... this is what sets the Deluxe rims apart. With cheap carbon rims you can simply push the rim in with your fingers as if there's very few layers of carbon, the Deluxe rims are NOT that type of rim. They feel thick and solid especially in the center of the rim where there's usually less carbon. These rims are perfect.

The track rims come 28 hole, meaning they're true track rims... when ripping on a banked track, every bit of stiffness counts and 28 hole is where it's at.

Finally, the rims are the modern standard 23mm wide... wider is better and the 23mm wide, with 23mm wide Vittoria Corsa Tubulars feel awesome and handle like nobodies business.

Overall the rims just feel right... they're responsive, affordable and yep look really nice with the matte finish and black glossy decals.

For more info hit up Deluxe Cycles and cop a pair of these trick carbon rims.

Stay tuned for part 2 review of this Deluxe Carbon wheel set... what better way to top off a quality wheel build but with a pair of Phil Wood Pro track hubs.

#whatsyouraffinity #deluxecycles #carbonrims #tubular #philwood #vittoria