Matt Reyes aka Slumworm aka Wheel Talk giving high fives (on his Lo Pro) up hill, in a wheelie, during the Mash/Greg LeMond Group ride.

The homie's at Mash SF did a pretty rad group ride with Greg LeMond... they caught Matt Reyes saying what's up to Garrett Chow during the ride. Well Done Matt, check him out on insta @slumworm and Wheel Talk!

Photographs courtesy of Mash, Gabe Morford + Mike Martin.

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Big in Japan! Our Japanese distributor Blue lug and a Lolli Pop Purple Lo Pro.

 Blue Lug is the go to shop in Tokyo Japan for everything bike related. And when I say everything, I mean every niche, high end, colored, limited edition, old stock, rarist of the rare part, frame, accessory, t shirt, hat or anything cycling related you've ever been looking for. EVER!

Plus these guys have the cleanest shop and the best pro mechanics in Tokyo.

This is just a small sampling, more to come from Affinity's rad Japanese partner Blue Lug. Thanks for the great shop pic!

Blue Lug has full stock of the 2015 Affinity line up, plus some super nice custom Blue Lug only Affinity color ways,

head over to Blue Lug to swoop up a fresh new Affinity!

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