Happy Father's Day Dad... you've given me my Affinity, now here's my gift to you.

As a kid I was always into bikes... but a day I'll never forget is the day my Dad came up and asked me if I wanted to go to a track and check out BMX racing. That spark was the beginning of my Affinity for cycling... and today I sit here fulfilling a life made possible by my father.

I owe what I have today because of his desire to be a great father, his desire to connect with his son and his willingness to help me pursue something I loved... and now it's my turn to give back what has been given me.

It makes me so proud to give my father his first road bike... a steel Affinity 212. This was the final proto type 212, I tricked it out with SRAM Rival, laced up some H Plus Son Archtypes to DT Swiss 350's and I even tossed him my wired SRM power meter which is a bit much, but he's a tech geek and knew he'd really dig it.

Happy Father's Day Dad, this bike is a token of my appreciation for the opportunities you have provided for me, for always believing in me and sharing my absolute obsession. I hope you have many years of great adventures with your new Affinity.