Premium Rush movie trailer

Affinity has the great honor to be the main characters bike ridden by none other than Joseph Gordon Levitt aka Wilee in the movie Premium Rush. The scene is NYC and Wilee is getting chased through the streets by a bad cop. There's tons of local messengers in the movie, my great friends got to be the stunt doubles and there's Affinity bikes everywhere . Can someone say instant cult classic track bike movie? Check out Premium Rush and our Affinity Metropolitan splattered all over the movie. Its set to hit theaters this January 13th.

Affinity launches the Kissena Velo Fund. Own It!

Affinity Cycles is proud to announce the creation of the Kissena Velo Fund. The Kissena Velo Fund is a non-profit foundation dedicated to revitalizing the Kissena Velodrome on the existing Kissena park site in Queens NYC. It is our mission to create a world class indoor 250 meter Velodrome and the home of the New York City Cycling Center and Museum. This historic project will be built to celebrate, educate and carry the historical significance and culture of this great sport. NYC is at the forefront of the global cycling culture and it is due time that our facilities reflected our position in the cycling community. Let’s build champions together.

With support from the community, private investors, patrons, city and state funding and contributions from cycling passionate companies, the Kissena Velodrome will become an Olympic level training and racing complex. Additional cycling facilities include the possibility of a BMX track, MTB trails, a road Criterium course and recreational cycling paths.

It is to this end that we focus our efforts and seek your support to make this a public institution for many generations to come.

Affinity will be donating proceeds of its Affinity Kissena frame set and other products to the Kissena Velo Fund.

Log onto for updates and launches of these fundraising collaborative projects.

Own It! The Kissena Velo Fund.

To Donate, you can paypal your contribution to

- For general information please contact

- For press inquiries please contact

- For substantial capital infusion, charitable grants, corporate investment, matched funding or other equities please contact

Six Days at Tilburg Bike Check Dan Sullivan

One thing that's for sure is there's a ton of insane track bikes here at Tilburg. I've got to be a bit selfish and start out with Dan's Affinity Kissena before I go into the other teams rigs. Check this out and try not to drool.

This is Dan's Affinity Kissena for the six days at Tilburg. It's a new custom limited edition colorway which we're launching very soon for a rather big project we're about to embark on. Black sparkle with some serious sparkle flakes and metallic silver decals... yummy.

We've been working with FFWD this year, and they were able to help get wheels for the event. Many Thanks to FFWD and the Amsterdam (Sloten) Velodrome sprint coach Caroline Herreikhuyzen for helping make things happen.

Having riders in the event has its privileges, I was able to get some nice pictures in between turn 1 and 2.

I've got to say this is one of the nicest paint we've had on any Affinity frame to date, it couldn't come at a better time and the project it'll be used for will also be our biggest project to date. The new Kissena limited will be launching soon, you'll know whats happening in a week or so.

Segway into bike porn part 2. Next up some primo Derny pics...

Kissena frame sets are here!

To celebrate our recent victory and US National Championship, Affinity is releasing the Team Issue Metallic Silver Kissena to the public! With 9 US National titles under its belt, the Kissena has proven to be one of the most innovative and original aero track frames on the market.

We use over sized 7005 aircarft grade tubing and a beefy aero track fork with alloy steerer to create this over build rocket ship. Check out the view from second place. : )

Thick dropouts and steel inserts guarantee the wheel is staying in its place. Look ma, no lockring.

A larger than usual head tube makes for an even stiffer and rigid rid, plus its more comfy!

Congratulations to Andrew LaCorte for his win on his Affinity Kissena Team Edition Silver!! Andrew's season isn't over yet, in October he'll be going off to England to try and bring home a World Championship title and rainbow stripes for Affinity! Good luck Andrew, no pressure.

After the success of the Candy Black Kissena we had to bring it back for another round!

A suitable back drop for a frame with a championship legacy and splashed with originality and innovation.

Damn those rims are deep, wait are those clinchers... hint hint coming soon.

The Candy Black and Team Issue silver frames are now available here! For more info email us here or call the shop.