Rule The Track with Lamour Supreme’s Мишка x Affinity Bike Frame!

A few weeks ago we were invited to be part of the Project 10 space at the Magic Trade show. Affinity teamed up with Мишка at the show and make some magic happen. Check out all the images below and buy the frame or complete bike.

Check out the press release from Мишка and scroll down for more shots of the bike.

From Мишка: Мишка is proud to announce a collaboration with Brooklyn’s Affinity Cycles to celebrate their five year anniversary. We met up with Affinity at Project in Las Vegas this year, and decided our own Lamour Supreme was the perfect person to design a Мишка/Affinity bike. Affinity supplied Lamour with five raw Kissena track frames, and he hand painted each frame. He was so excited he did the first one on the tradeshow floor (which you can see in the video above).

As you can see, they feature all kinds of Мишка and Affinity designs, including some razor mouthed Keep Watch action on the front and one of the best Cyco Simon Skulls I’ve seen in a while, all over an imposing camouflage base.

The results are five one of a kind pieces celebrating the five years Affinity Cycles have been building gear for the track racer and the street rider alike in NYC. All five custom painted frames are for sale as a complete bikes or as a frame-sets.

A portion of the proceeds from the frames will go to the Kissena Velo Fund, a non-profit project spearheaded by Affinity, currently working to bring a world class indoor 250 meter velodrome to NYC. It's a great fund that you should support by buying one of these amazing and unique frames, available now. Check out more pictures after the jump!


Rider Build Contest

Over the last week folks have been posting up pictures of their built up Affinity frames. I have to say I have been enjoying it quite a bit. Nothing quite like seeing your bikes decked out looking good. It got me motivated to throw a little contest, it has been a bit since we gave away some shwag.

Here are the rules:

1. Post a picture of your built up Affinity frame on our Facebook wall.

2. Get your friends to "like" or comment on the photo.

3. The picture with the most likes and comments brings home the bacon.

Contest ends Thursday at Noon.

First Place will get an Affinity Jersey and a 75 dollar Affinity gift certificate.

Second place gets a set of Custom Affinity/Hold Fast straps and a 25 dollar gift certificate.

3rd place gets nothing.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of tricked out frames all cleaned up and shinny. Show us what you got, and we will hook it up. Happy hunting.

Affinity X Holdfast Custom FRS Straps

After the success of our Affinity X custom Holdfast straps, we are proud to introduce a second generation custom. While still utilizing the same classic Holdfast FRS (Foot Retention System) design, and keeping with the same elephant print, we are now offering them in black and pewter grey with an alien green Affinity 'A' logo. These custom-made for Affinity straps are super nice...swoop em up while supplies last. They're only available here on our web shop.

Interbike 2011 Part 1

I'm finally home after being away since the 2nd of September. Amsterdam to Vegas was quite a journey, Six Days at Tilburg was unreal and The launch of the Kissena Velo Fund at Interbike was a big success. Overall I had a great time and saw a ton of serious racing and bike tech. Though the Kissena Velo Fund was the main purpose of our trip, our agenda also had us meeting with Affinity premium dealers and even squeeze in time on the shop side of things.

The Mission Workshop/DZR booth this year was pretty much the place to be. Mission bags are so functional, they look great and they'll last forever. One of the new products we like is the new Sanction Rucksack.

The best part about Mission Workshop bags is there's no difference in tech form bag to bag. If you need a big bag that can zip up to be very slim, then unfold and fit a mini keg, they have have the Vandal. From the Vandal, there's several smaller bags until you get to the Sanction Rucksack. Its basically the feather weight version to the Vandal.

This rucksack is part of the AP (Advanced Projects) line and it has the Arkiv® closure system. Its a well executed bag with simple form and function.

Billy Souphorse Sinkford is the social media guy behind Mission Workshop and DZR shoes. Billy's the man and Affinity has the great pleasure of working with him. Check out Souphorse for more.

The DZR shoe line up for 2012 is legit. All DZR shoes are SPD compatible and they're comfy enough to wear at work or on the fly when your not on the bike. We'll be stocking the new line up of DZR shoes in the shop soon, check back for our official product launch.

To wrap up part 1, i'm so glad to have run into BMX icon and the man behind Cult BMX, Robby Morales. The Cult booth was a step above the rest in the BMX industry at the trade show this year. I somehow convinced Robby to sell me this 12" Cult BMX bike for my daughter Mia. Being that i'm a freak for old school bmx and other bike bling, i'm thrilled and proud knowing that my kids first bike will be a cult bmx from an icon like Robby Morales. Many thanks to Robby and Cult BMX.

Part 2 coming soon...