The Radavist Presents: Monster Track 2015

Via The Radavist:

Monster Track is arguably the most intense and highly regarded annual street race in the world. Throughout its history, racers have been inspired to travel from all over the globe to compete for the title. In it’s 16 year history, no out of town racer has come out with a first place finish.

It can be difficult for someone to appreciate Monster Track and understand what makes it such a special race for its participants without actually being there. This year, Monster Track is told through the experience of its past champions, native citizens of a city that allows for a race of this caliber, and its visitors.

Quinn Gundersen
Instagram: @fundersen

Chris Lee
Instagram: @theotherchrislee

The Radavist: The Messenger’s Guide To New York City 02 by Chris Lee

Lession number 2 via the Radavist: The Messenger’s Guide To New York City: The West Village and Midtown Standby with Hiromi/Ghost stories and local comfort with Stoned Tone Words and photos by Chris Lee

In the second installment of The Messenger’s Guide To New York City, Chris catches up with the man behind Boda Boda, Hiromi Bruni.

"Hiromi was born and raised in the West Village and knows the neighborhood like the back of his hand. We payed respects to the remains of Gray’s Papaya, a hot dog joint that was a fixture in the neighborhood and got some desert at Rocco’s. We went by Dave’s Work Wear, the local’s only one stop shop for work wear. And finally chilled at his favorite midtown standby spots."

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