ReStock of our Shop Rags... pick up the maintenance kit for $30, or a 3 pack for $15.00 shipped!

A fresh run of our premium shop rags are back in stock. Head over to our web shop and pick up our maintenance kit with 3 rags and a tube of Phil Wood grease or hand cleaner for $30 bones.

The rags are now available in 3 packs (no grease or hand cleaner) for $15.00 shipped world wide.

Buy here!

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Affinity teams up with Phil Wood to offer a primo bicycle maintenance kit.


Your bike deserves something better than that old haggard t-shirt you’ve been cleaning it with. Affinity premium shop rags are made with 100% Osnaburg soft as shit cotton and hemmed on all four sides for added strength and durability. These rags are boss, they’ll retain their quality and get softer every time you wash them.

You’ll get a pack of three rags from the five different designs we’re offering: Our Affinity logotype, Affinity icon, Affinity icon polka dots, a rag for buffing trophies (keep this one crispy) and a rag for buffing chainrings (grease it up, age is becoming).

And to top off each pack, we’ve teamed up with Phil Wood to offer either a tube of their famous grease or a tub of their primo hand cleaner.  

Three rags, Phil grease or Phil hand cleaner for $30 bucks. Head over to the Products page to purchase.

Clean, grease and buff safely!