The Radavist series Ride Along is Rad! Check out Chris Lee interviews NYC's finest Brean Shea

Ride Along is a new segment of the Radavist and I definitely dig. John Prolly and The Radavist have a big line up of contributors and Chris Lee is on board from NYC... check out the full Ride Along interview with Brean Shea but here's a small clip. Ride Along: Christopher Lee Profiles Brean Shea Words and photos by Chris Lee

I first met Brean Shea on road here in New York City in my first few months of being a bike messenger. He was one of those old school guys that was working before I was even out of elementary school. One of the qualities that really stood out to me was he gave a lot of himself to his community, whether it be the racing scene or the messenger community. He was also one of the handful of people that had a chance to live on “the other side”, if you will. Brean started working as a messenger when he was in law school. Even after graduating he still remained on the road. Eventually that faded away and he got a position at a firm representing entertainment figures. As time went on he realized that he got fat, drank too much and always had “his nose against the window” wanting out.

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