The Radavist: The Messenger’s Guide To New York City 02 by Chris Lee

Lession number 2 via the Radavist: The Messenger’s Guide To New York City: The West Village and Midtown Standby with Hiromi/Ghost stories and local comfort with Stoned Tone Words and photos by Chris Lee

In the second installment of The Messenger’s Guide To New York City, Chris catches up with the man behind Boda Boda, Hiromi Bruni.

"Hiromi was born and raised in the West Village and knows the neighborhood like the back of his hand. We payed respects to the remains of Gray’s Papaya, a hot dog joint that was a fixture in the neighborhood and got some desert at Rocco’s. We went by Dave’s Work Wear, the local’s only one stop shop for work wear. And finally chilled at his favorite midtown standby spots."

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JP Bevins series "New York City Cycling Culture" is a time-less collection of pictures for those who live in a cycling state of mind.

There's no question that New York City has a deeply rooted passion for cycling. There's a tradition of cycling culture in the city which is every evolving. Today that tradition has intertwined itself into the daily grind of city goers, and also the cities cycling fanatics. JP Bevins series New York City Cycling Culture is a time-less collection of pictures that captures both the love of the city, and the cyclists who own the streets.

These pictures perfectly capture those nostalgic feelings, from the tingle you get in your toes when riding over the George Washington Bridge at 7am, or the grit of an urban bike swap meet where you can cop a vintage track frame with a corima carbon front wheel for a great price. Also, does your city have tons of mountain bikes outfitted with slicks and pizza baskets?

Here's a few of the pictures from JP's on going series, for more to go to JP is a professional photographer who specializes in commercial studio and editorial work, he's also a digital technician/imaging guru... and of course he's got an affinity for cycling.