Rule The Track with Lamour Supreme’s Мишка x Affinity Bike Frame!

A few weeks ago we were invited to be part of the Project 10 space at the Magic Trade show. Affinity teamed up with Мишка at the show and make some magic happen. Check out all the images below and buy the frame or complete bike.

Check out the press release from Мишка and scroll down for more shots of the bike.

From Мишка: Мишка is proud to announce a collaboration with Brooklyn’s Affinity Cycles to celebrate their five year anniversary. We met up with Affinity at Project in Las Vegas this year, and decided our own Lamour Supreme was the perfect person to design a Мишка/Affinity bike. Affinity supplied Lamour with five raw Kissena track frames, and he hand painted each frame. He was so excited he did the first one on the tradeshow floor (which you can see in the video above).

As you can see, they feature all kinds of Мишка and Affinity designs, including some razor mouthed Keep Watch action on the front and one of the best Cyco Simon Skulls I’ve seen in a while, all over an imposing camouflage base.

The results are five one of a kind pieces celebrating the five years Affinity Cycles have been building gear for the track racer and the street rider alike in NYC. All five custom painted frames are for sale as a complete bikes or as a frame-sets.

A portion of the proceeds from the frames will go to the Kissena Velo Fund, a non-profit project spearheaded by Affinity, currently working to bring a world class indoor 250 meter velodrome to NYC. It's a great fund that you should support by buying one of these amazing and unique frames, available now. Check out more pictures after the jump!