Pre book is live... 10th Anniversary edition filet brazed Lo Pro.

Affinity is proud to offer our 10th anniversary limited edition filet brazed Lo Pro. The shiny filet brazing glares through our clear keirin sparkle paint with white decals and old school flare.

Say hi to our new crown lugged 1" fork with tight clearances, so tight it barely fits 25c tires... file it down if you want your tire to fit any bigger than 23c. Remember that sick vintage fork you could never get, here it is.

Pre book is live on the website... limited quantity, reserve yours now before they're gone. Ships the first week in October.

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A (not so) Lo Pro...

A few years back, Karl Wiberg copped a L Lo Pro... the problem, the top tube was smashed in a wreck.

He decided that the life of this Lo Pro wassn't over, so he replaced the top tube in the most brilliant way, by making it horizontal. Meet the first and only non sloping Affinity Lo Pro... we f'ing love it. Thanks for sharing and rad bike man!

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