Prolly definitely supports the Kissena Velo Fund!

Bicycle blog master John Prolly just posted up some seriously beautiful portraits of the new Kissena Velo Fund complete track bike. John was in town for a few days, and I was fortunate to spend a bit of time to document and create these amazing pictures. © John Watson 2011

© John Watson 2011

© John Watson 2011

© John Watson 2011

© John Watson 2011

© John Watson 2011

© John Watson 2011

Many thanks John for the support! The frames can be purchased at Affinity or on the Kissena Velo Fund website!

Interbike 2011 Part 1

I'm finally home after being away since the 2nd of September. Amsterdam to Vegas was quite a journey, Six Days at Tilburg was unreal and The launch of the Kissena Velo Fund at Interbike was a big success. Overall I had a great time and saw a ton of serious racing and bike tech. Though the Kissena Velo Fund was the main purpose of our trip, our agenda also had us meeting with Affinity premium dealers and even squeeze in time on the shop side of things.

The Mission Workshop/DZR booth this year was pretty much the place to be. Mission bags are so functional, they look great and they'll last forever. One of the new products we like is the new Sanction Rucksack.

The best part about Mission Workshop bags is there's no difference in tech form bag to bag. If you need a big bag that can zip up to be very slim, then unfold and fit a mini keg, they have have the Vandal. From the Vandal, there's several smaller bags until you get to the Sanction Rucksack. Its basically the feather weight version to the Vandal.

This rucksack is part of the AP (Advanced Projects) line and it has the Arkiv® closure system. Its a well executed bag with simple form and function.

Billy Souphorse Sinkford is the social media guy behind Mission Workshop and DZR shoes. Billy's the man and Affinity has the great pleasure of working with him. Check out Souphorse for more.

The DZR shoe line up for 2012 is legit. All DZR shoes are SPD compatible and they're comfy enough to wear at work or on the fly when your not on the bike. We'll be stocking the new line up of DZR shoes in the shop soon, check back for our official product launch.

To wrap up part 1, i'm so glad to have run into BMX icon and the man behind Cult BMX, Robby Morales. The Cult booth was a step above the rest in the BMX industry at the trade show this year. I somehow convinced Robby to sell me this 12" Cult BMX bike for my daughter Mia. Being that i'm a freak for old school bmx and other bike bling, i'm thrilled and proud knowing that my kids first bike will be a cult bmx from an icon like Robby Morales. Many thanks to Robby and Cult BMX.

Part 2 coming soon...

Affinity launches the Kissena Velo Fund. Own It!

Affinity Cycles is proud to announce the creation of the Kissena Velo Fund. The Kissena Velo Fund is a non-profit foundation dedicated to revitalizing the Kissena Velodrome on the existing Kissena park site in Queens NYC. It is our mission to create a world class indoor 250 meter Velodrome and the home of the New York City Cycling Center and Museum. This historic project will be built to celebrate, educate and carry the historical significance and culture of this great sport. NYC is at the forefront of the global cycling culture and it is due time that our facilities reflected our position in the cycling community. Let’s build champions together.

With support from the community, private investors, patrons, city and state funding and contributions from cycling passionate companies, the Kissena Velodrome will become an Olympic level training and racing complex. Additional cycling facilities include the possibility of a BMX track, MTB trails, a road Criterium course and recreational cycling paths.

It is to this end that we focus our efforts and seek your support to make this a public institution for many generations to come.

Affinity will be donating proceeds of its Affinity Kissena frame set and other products to the Kissena Velo Fund.

Log onto for updates and launches of these fundraising collaborative projects.

Own It! The Kissena Velo Fund.

To Donate, you can paypal your contribution to

- For general information please contact

- For press inquiries please contact

- For substantial capital infusion, charitable grants, corporate investment, matched funding or other equities please contact