Six Day Derney Bike Check

The thrill of being at a six day event gets a TON better when you hear the derney bikes fire up and begin to roll onto the track. Derney racing has got to be on of the most exciting cycling events to watch. A derney motor bike gets up to 45mph with the racers pacing no more than a few inches from the rear of the bike. To make it even better, most derney races are on tight 200 meter velodromes which are next to impossible to pass on and that's with out having a motor cycle on the track. There's all kinds of chaos during a derney race, passing, drafting and the humm of the motor makes the place feel electric.

This is your typical looking derney bike, they're very home made, customized simple machines with weed wacker engines for drive trains and a fixed crank making it both motor and fixed.

The bikes has its sweet spot at roughly 72-75km per hour or a little over 40 mph. On a 200 meter track with 52 degree banking they get almost horizontal around the turns. Every derney racer runs their own preferred gearing though its in the range of a 79 tooth chain ring in the front and an 11 tooth cog in the rear. The bike racer who runs behind the motor runs about a 102 gear inch set up or a 53 x 14. Imagine getting dragged around the track, going over 40mph on a 200 meter track for 60 laps, with 13 other guys racing against you by some dude on a fixed gear motorcycle with a weed wacker engine... that's legit!

The gas tank takes no more than a gallon of gas. Also take a look at the throttle, its no more than an old friction shifter with electrical tape to make it more comfy. Ghetto to the max, but custom tailored for each rider.

Take one car engine flywheel, and the cotter pin crank from a kids bike and you have a derney drive train.

Brass plumbing lines, brazed onto an old shifter.

Stermy drum brake hub (sheriff star looking) with a simple bike fork and cycling speedo magnet.

This Puch weed wacker engine is apparently the choice for all derney bikes.

The mark of a well worn derney bike, if your tire kisses the fender of this bike, bad things are about to happen.

The derney's get lined up in the rider area and get the appropriate title of gangmakers.

If the bike racer is the heart of the six day race, Derney is definitely the soul. These bikes are impossible to purchase, and even harder to drive. It takes a special driver and an even more skilled bike racer who pair up in tandem to make to one of the coolest events i've ever seen.