Dave Perry and Bike Works NYC... a New York City Legend brings us his epic rollers and a whole lot more.

If you don't know Dave Perry and Bike Works NYC, then lets catch you up to speed.

Dave Perry is the owner of Bike Works NYC and publisher of Bike Cult a "tour of bike culture." Dave is a total cycling fanatic, he's also a connoisseur of vintage cycling, a former pro racer, and an all around rad guy.

Bike Works NYC and the Bike Cult site is a treasure trove of cycling history.

In some circles Dave's kind of a legend in NYC... he's quirky, soft spoken, funny as hell (if your lucky enough to see that side of him), but mostly a guy who fucking loves New York City, and the cycling community.

A few eons ago, Dave purchased the epic rollers we're using at this Thursday's Lucarelli & Castaldi Monster Track Roller Race. Dave heard about a these crazy vintage rollers being offered up at a Sotheby's auction. So he showed up, did the auction dance and won the rarest (and most beautiful) set of rollers you'll ever lay your eyes on.

Since then Dave has shared his epic rollers with the NYC cycling community, hosting and loaning his rollers for some seriously legendary roller racing parties.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Dave, shake his hand and thank him for helping shape the NYC cycling scene. From the road racing series, to Kissena track racing and the messenger community Dave has a big influence in all of it.

If you're lucky enough to get into conversation with Dave, ask him about him racing Flanders, being on the US junior world championship team, or maybe when he raced (and chilled) with Eddie Merckx. Yeah Dave has more cycling stories then you could ever dream of experiencing.

Here's to you Dave, thanks for being you and for sharing your dream with everyone, see you Thursday man!