Deluxe Cycles 80mm Carbon rims/wheel build Part 1.

In the world of after market bike parts there's companies that are the standards in industry... they're the staple products you buy if you're building up a quality build. Aside from the industry leaders, it boils down to following the market and figuring out those niche companies that introduce product that just nail it on the head.

What we have here is the best of both worlds with this Deluxe Cycles carbon wheel set... read on but first enjoy this picture set.

Deluxe Cycles is that new niche company, and their carbon rims are at the top of their game compared to their highest end counterparts (IE: ENVE, FFWD, ZIPP etc.). Bang for your buck you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal... they're $360 per rim.

I'm running the Deluxe 80mm tubular track rims laced to the Phil Wood Pro track hubs (part 2 of the review) and my tires of choice are the Vittoria Corsa tubulars (part 3).

These 80mm beasts are stiff and super thick, a proprietary feature for an otherwise non proprietary mold rim... this is what sets the Deluxe rims apart. With cheap carbon rims you can simply push the rim in with your fingers as if there's very few layers of carbon, the Deluxe rims are NOT that type of rim. They feel thick and solid especially in the center of the rim where there's usually less carbon. These rims are perfect.

The track rims come 28 hole, meaning they're true track rims... when ripping on a banked track, every bit of stiffness counts and 28 hole is where it's at.

Finally, the rims are the modern standard 23mm wide... wider is better and the 23mm wide, with 23mm wide Vittoria Corsa Tubulars feel awesome and handle like nobodies business.

Overall the rims just feel right... they're responsive, affordable and yep look really nice with the matte finish and black glossy decals.

For more info hit up Deluxe Cycles and cop a pair of these trick carbon rims.

Stay tuned for part 2 review of this Deluxe Carbon wheel set... what better way to top off a quality wheel build but with a pair of Phil Wood Pro track hubs.

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