Redhook Crit carnage...

In bike racing there's ups and downs, things go right and at times it goes all wrong.

Affinity (and a ton of other racers) had those ups and downs at the @redhookcrit 9 last night.

Though we're stoked Ash got 2nd (yeahash!), the rest of the team got pretty banged up.

Our rider Donnie Clarke was the guy who unfortunately couldn't deviate his line and hit the motorcycle.

Our other (male) rider Patrick Jones got caught up in both crashes and took some hard hits.

To too it off, our fab rider Kate Sherwin crashed hard on the last lap (in great position). She was taken off by ambulance and was fortunately ok with bruises, cuts and a concussion.

Bike racers are warriors who roll together, race together, crash together and win together.

I hope everyone involved in the crashes are doing ok and recovering in good spirits. The Affinity crew is doing alright and will come back to fight another day.

Congrats Ash on your 2nd place!

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