Wolfpack Hustle race day recap. Photography by Pedro Izquierdo

Still coming down off of an insane weekend of racing. The Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Crit was a total success, Ash's 1st place and Nissy's 3rd place is pretty epic.

Just a bit of back story, Ash and Nissy are long time friends via the road and track racing scene. After racing against one another a few weeks back at elite track nationals, they got to chatting about joining up to race the upcoming Wolfpack Hustle. The rest is history... oh Nissy pulled that 3rd place racing on a borrowed Affinity Kissena!

These two definitely have what it takes to pull off big wins... congrats on an awesome weekend.

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A huge thanks to Sean Martin and Anthony Arevalo for helping with the loaner bike!

To our sponsors FFWD wheels, Giro Cycling, Endo Customs, Phil Wood, Thomson components and Lucarelli and Castaldi we couldn't do it with out you.

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