Ash Wednesdays. A day in the life of...

When we’re well we never think about how it is to be sick, injured or lost. Every day - enjoy how lucky you are to be able to ride and be alive. It hasn’t been my ideal year leading up to now, but assured… this will be a great one. I’m proud to announce my new blog journal #ashwednesdays and stoked to roll with the Affinity family for the 2015 track season.

I'm back up and kicking, but being down for a minute has given me even more drive to achieve my 2015 goals... next stop the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn.

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Many great things to come with the support of my amazing sponsors Endo Customs Thomson Components Phil Wood Giro and Lucarelli & Castaldi. #ashwednesdays #stoked #outsideisfree #livingthedream #letsrace2015 #ashwed #whatsyouraffinity