Shop Review: 718 Cyclery, the go to shop in BK NYC.

When you walk into a bike shop there's a few simple rules to ensure that your in a great shop. We'll run them down for you very clearly...

1. Does the shop have a Phil Wood Spoke Cutter?

2. Are the employees kind, friendly or even rad according to your standards?

3. Finally, and probably the most important... a great shop must have great stickers, and cool bike shop shit all over the walls of the mechanics area. Lets face it, it's their stripes, and a right of passage to a well seasoned shop.

If your shop does not meet these requirements, run! And if in Brooklyn head over to 718 and ask for Joe, Tijon and or Alfred... and tell them Jason from Affinity sent you.

More to come about 718, but for now check out this picture set of just their mechanics area. Also, head over to 718 to learn more about their rad agenda and custom build programs.

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