Gibby Hatton: American track cyclist, Japanese Keirin racer, World Champion, Coach... legend.

In professional sports, the very feat of calling yourself "professional" is massive. That said, there are only a handful of professional athletes who have achieved massive moments of sporting greatness... moments which define a career. Moments so great that you could walk away being completely satisfied, and with out regret.

American track racer Gil Hatton has seen success far more than most professionals will ever see. His passion for cycling is undeniable, and his ability to achieve greatness is infectious...

Here is part 1 of Gibby Hatton: American track racer, Japanese Keirin racer, World Champion, Coach... legend.

Gil's first major win came at 26 years old after taking a pivotal bronze medal in the Keirin at the 1983 track cycling world championships in Zurich Switzerland. That race would for ever change his career... Gil was given an invite and would become the first American to race the Keirin in Japan.

Circa late 80's Japan.

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