Rey rides a lo pro and climbs buildings... talk about living on the edge.

This guy is so rad... I've know him for years, back in the day we'd catch up for coffee on 23rd and 3rd. Back in like '96 he got into climbing buildings and bridges. He'd show me pictures of him standing on top of the Brooklyn Bridge... the very top of the bridge which he'd just scaled. Several years ago he climbed the NY Times building, the story goes that he climbed it to advocate Malaria awareness, but also he did it because his buddy stole his climb. He got so pissed off he left work and climbed up the skyscraper after his friend. Hell yeah!

Rey is a great dude who takes life into his own hands... quite literally. Funny enough he rode an Affinity and didn't know it was my company. He just loved his Lo Pro... thanks homie for repping.

Photo courtesy of Preferred Mode, a New York Bike Style blog. Check them out for tons of NYC bike culture and style.