These guys... without you there would be no Affinity.

These are the people that have made the bike shop and Affinity what it is today. To my loyal employees, Ben, Sammy, John John, Vic, Jeff, Dee and Miguel, you're my family and best friends. You believed in Affinity and you put up with me, all of my crap and insanity. To my great friends, John Prolly, Billy, Souphorse, Hugo, Tak, Alex, Eddie, Alfred, Jun, Geo, Crihs, Felipe, Yeti, Andrew, Colin and the many others who have supported me. Here's to you for a life time of memories and crazy times at the bike shop. To be honest, the shop has lived 2 lives... one is this functioning brick and mortar small business. Cool. The other as Vic would call it is the Affinity Social Club. I can't lie, the best part about having a bike shop is that you basically have a club house. Its home base for your crew and friends, to gather, talk shit, tell stories, chill out, fight, bond and party but in the end it was home base. It's a safe spot where anything could go down... and it did.

I love you all, thanks for the great times and for helping make my dream a reality. See you all at Monster Track and also the opening party at our new glossy Affinity flagship. And it keeps on rollin...

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2 affinity_levis_183__DSC3037


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8 affinity_levis_187__DSC3044

9 Crihs-n-Vic

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12 John-IMG_6268

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14 _MG_9057

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16 crw_76391



17 john-n-ben-IMG_1546

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