Urban Cycling Hall of Fame: The 2013 List of Inductees

The Urban Cycling Hall of Fame awards show took place this past week at the infamous Double Down in Las Vegas. Billy Souphorse Sinkford founded and hosted the UCHoF along with a true OG messenger and Olympic track legend Nelson Vails. The party was RAD and the inductees are some of the most hardcore and devoted professional bike messengers our industry has come to know. I have the privilege of knowing many of the inductees and its nice to see that several are NYC veteran bike messengers.

Way to go "The King" Felipe Robayo, Greg Ugalde and Japan's great messenger hero "Sino" Hiroyuki Shinozuka. Many thanks to Chrome for sponsoring the UCHoF and to Souphorse for making it happen.

Post ripped from Prolly... great seeing you in Vegas man!