Tragedy Strikes the Kissena Velodrome... Literally!

The Kissena Velodrome and the Star Track Youth program took a huge hit this past weekend. Last Saturday was opening day for the Star Track youth program, but late Thursday evening the two storage containers which house bikes and operating equipment fell victim to a smash and run, damaging and destroying much of the contents. Unfortunately an estimated 16 bikes and 12-15 wheel sets were ruined.

After hearing the news, Affinity's founder Jason Gallacher reached out to program director Diedre Bader, and head coach Delroy Walters about helping out with repairs and donating bikes to replace the destroyed youth program bikes so the kids can have bikes to ride for the opening events.

On Saturday we were out at the track assessing the damage, truing wheels, checking the alignment of frames sets and helping get the bikes functional. Affinity, The Kissena Velo Fund and friends will be lending support to help get things back on track for the Star Track Youth program. We'll be out at the track again on Tuesday fixing more bikes and helping get the kids program going again. If anyone would like to help out or donate financially to the Kissena Velodrome, please email the Kissena Velo Fund here.

Affinity and the Kissena Velo Fund would like to thank the parents of Star Track for helping out, also Andy Poes, Jesse Mclean, Diedre Bader, Delroy Walters, Andrew LaCorte and the many other who helped out on Saturday!