Souphorse's SS Metro At The SF Bike Expo

Our boy Billy Souphorse travels all the time. Dude is killing it working with Levi's, Mission Workshop, Bern and doing a ton of stuff in the industry. This year he opened a Custom Frame Builder Section at the SF Bike Expo and had his custom SS coupled Affinity Metropolitan on display.

The bike breaks in half and fits into a softshell backpack case the size of a 700c wheel. We are working this year on making this a production frameset. With the bike in the case you don't pay the crazy fees that airlines charge to travel with a bike, sometimes over 100$. Crazy. Click on the link below to see the video. I can't make it embed to save my life.

Affinity Custom SS Coupled Metropolitan

More on that later in the year. Here is a video of Murph from Portland Design Works showing a 6 pack rack on the Metro. If you like it swing by the shop, we can order you a Take Out Basket. If you want a coupled Metro, you are gonna have to hold tight till later this year.