Gone Til November Sale

We picked up an over stock of 5 Bling gloves and its just right to pass the deals on to our customers. We're offering a small quantity of 5 Bling gloves (til November) at a 40 - 50% discount. 5 Bling is the glove to wear in the track scene and their carbon knuckled Keirinjo glove is pretty rad. These gloves are really comfy and stretch to fit. 5Bling gloves are track specific due to their tough outer protective layers and features. They're also perfect street gloves for the same reason, gloves save your hands from road rash! The Keirinjo gloves normally sell for $125.00, we're selling them for $75.00 and the Streamline gloves normally sell for $80.00, we've got them priced at $40.00... that's 50% off!  Check more info below and click here to buy 5 Bling.

5Bling Keirinjo Gloves were originally designed for professional Japanese Keirin racers. These lightweight, genuine leather full fingered gloves give you the ultimate in comfort and precision with maximum protection from specially molded carbon fibre knuckles. Leather palm is unpadded to give you the ultimate grip for your handlebars... and they look mean!

Made from the same stretchy, rubber material that enable you to maximize your aerodynamic advantage. These aero gloves rule! The Streamline gloves have a smooth top protective layer which looks great and has functionality for both aerodynamics and protection in the event of a crash. Buy the Streamline gloves in black or white only at Affinity for $40.00!!

For more info check out the 5Bling website, and go to the Affinity web store to pick up a pair of gloves today!