Keirin Action from Tilburg

Its day three and Dan has been making waves and here, quickly becoming a favorite amongst the crowd and announcers. They've even given him a theme song every time he's announced which is none other than "Born in the USA" by the Boss himself. Dan's style is one that comes from the school of hard knocks thanks to the help from mentor and coach Gil Hatton. He's been tested a few times and this go around I was able to capture Dan in the midst of another rider trying take his position. Pay attention folks, this is how its done.

The six days event has been moving way faster than I had ever imagined. Even though the racing is from 6pm until 12 or 1, there's almost no break in the action and time flies here... there's always something exciting going down. Trying to get recaps up, I've got a ton of great footage just no time to post.

Dan has done very well tonight and he just made it into the keirin final winning the rep round. So far today, he placed second in the keirin, second iin the semis and he won the rep round making it into the sprint final for day three. Dan currently sits in 4th place but will probably advance into 3rd depending on his performance in the sprint final.

I'll attempt to post again once the final goes down.