Amsterdam Day 1

Its been a bumpy ride so far. We finally made it to Amsterdam after almost missing our connecting flight in Lisbon Portugal. To make things worse, my bike (Dan's back up Kissena) didn't arrive! In the bike box is half of Dan's parts and a ton of other things! Ahhhh. After filling out a missing package report, and basically being told the airline would be in touch within 24 hours, we had no choice but to hop into a cab and head to where we were staying.

I've never stayed on a house boat, but this place is so nice! Its a bed and breakfast directly in front of the oldest windmill in the Netherlands, Its about 20 minutes outside of central amsterdam, and a 5 minute walk from the Amsterdam Velodrome. I am so never leaving this place.

After settling in for a few then headed to the Amsterdam Velodrome... Holy F'ing God Damn I am in heaven and I've been given the Keys to the Velodrome!! For real

This place is like a dream, its a 200 meter wooden track which is the home of the Amsterdam Six Days. More photos of the track coming soon, the lights were out so these are some grainy natural light teaser shots.

Our contact at the Velodrome is John Mahnen, he's an Ex Pat who's running the program at the Amsterdam Velodrome, so he's made arrangements for the guys to warm up on the track from now until Sunday, then its off to the six days.

So here's my temporary office until we leave for the six days, no bad right? Training is almost done for the day so we're off to the center of Amsterdam for some sight seeing...