When Mid School becomes Old School.?

Happy Monday fellow cycling freaks. While I get my blog posts in order, check out this montage picture (of me) from December 1991 at the NBL Christmas Classic in Columbus Ohio. The Christmas Classic was one of the biggest races of the year. It took place at the Columbus convention center with indoor racing, bike check and tons of events... it was SO PRO. I did really well that year and wound up sweeping the entire weekend winning every race and the main event. Check out my custom Cyclecraft Pro XLX with neon pink paint and black polka dots.... hahahahaha. Cyclecraft was a co-sponsor back then, I always loved the paint schemes on Cyclecraft frames.

That bike was my first custom made frame and though I would have never imagined it then, it serves to be a huge inspiration for who I am and what i'm doing today. Its one of my prized possessions and hangs up on the ceiling at Affinity to this day.

So how old is old school? Is something from the 90's old school? Maybe to some but not for me. I suppose it depends on the context of what we're talking about, what era or generation its from and how old (or young) you are. According to Wiki this picture of me and my Cyclecraft are right on the limits of old school immortality.

What do you think? Ones thing's for sure, it kinda makes me feel like an old f**k! Stay Rad more blog posts coming soon...