The Great American Shootout Event Recap

Sunday was The Great American Shootout Roller Race at The Morgan in Bushwick, and it stood  up to its name drawing a solid crowd and top U.S. professional Olympic track racers, national champions and local killers. Dave Perry from Bikeworks was gracious enough to let us use his rollers and they rule! Watching roller racing is way more exciting than gold sprints hands down. One of a kind rollers with pro track racers... what! We had the likes of 16x (and current) national champion and 2x Olympian Giddeon Massie, National Champ Andy Lakatosh, Affinity's own Olympic hopeful Dan Sullivan, The one and only former World Champ/Multiple National Champ/Olympian and Japanese Keirin racer Gil Hatton, Trinidads new fast man Nijsane Phillips, local cat 3 terror Mark Wagner (check his blog here) and NYC's Red Hook Crit 3rd place killer Al Barouh. The only other time you'll catch a field like that will be at a national event or the Olympics...

The afternoon started off very casual with bbq, beer and a gathering of friends and party goers.

My boy Kevin Bolger aka Squid is a founding partner at Cyclehawk couriers and he's an ambassador for Transportation Alternatives. Squid was kind enough to come out and run the bike valet.

The whole crew was out, Yeti was on the bbq, vic was in control of the beer and it was good times for all.

Jeff from the shop and his lady friend Jen were chilling with their pup.

DRTY FNGRS was dj'ing, he's so on point... keeping it live all day.

Just before the racing kicked off, the pros were chatting it up and relaxing.

When the early rounds started, Andy Lakatosh and All Baruch killed it! NYC's own Al Baruch took the first round with Andy Lakatosh winning the second round.

Dave Perry and Gil Hatton had an exhibition best of three round shootout. The loser of each round had to chug a beer. Needless to say it was all in good fun, but Dave Perry got drunk quick losing both rounds!

Track racing legend Gil Hatton spotting local racer Mark Wagner.

Dan Sullivan and Giddeon Massie killing it! Dan won this round and advanced to the 3rd place round.

In between rounds, I announced the Kissena Royale spring series champions, Scott Demel (Masters), Kimberly Edwards (Womens) and Brean Shea (Cat 4). Not pictured is the Pro winner Andrew LaCorte and Cat 5 winner JunSugai. Congrats to all of the Kissena Royale Winners!!

The final came down to Andy Lakatosh Vs. Nijsane Phillips.

Nijsane Phillips took the Kissena Royale Great American Shootout title! Congrats to Nijsane, Andy Lakatosh took second, and Al Baruch and Dan Sullivan tied for third (though technically Al took third because Dan jumped his start)!

A huge thanks to the big guns for coming out from T-Town and our local racers who mixed it up. Also many thanks to Dave Perry for lending us the rollers, Takuya Sakamoto for the great pictures, The Brooklyn Brewery, BikeWorks NYC, Mighty Healthy, Mishka, Holdfast, Mission Workshop, Fyxation, Champion System and The Morgan for sponsoring and making this great event happen!