The 4th in four photos

This 4th of July has been one of the best I've had in many years. My parents came up to the city this year and I had a surprise visit from Naoya who owns Brotures/Jah Life in Japan. Family, friends, fireworks and of course bbq!

We started the day early and went to the Central Park Zoo. My daughter is 18 months young (a year and a half) and its the funnest time of our lives right now. There's no greater thrill in life than to watch your kid see something new for the first time. Need less to say she loved the zoo and it was a great start to our day.

After the Zoo, we ran around the city for a while but ended up back at my apartment. After my daughter Mia went to sleep, we took to my roof and deck, sparking the bbq and chilling with the fam and friends.

The sunset over the city was tremendous and was a perfect ramp up for the fireworks. Caught this great pic of everyone on the roof.

After what seemed to be the longest sunset of the summer so far, the fireworks started a little after 9pm. NYC fireworks are the greatest i've ever seen and the Manhattan skyline is the most iconic back drop hands down.

After the fireworks I went out a got totally shit housed and stayed out way to late.! All in all, it was a perfect 4th of July weekend. The shop is closed today, and fortunately i'm home working for a bit and chilling with the little one, but tomorrow its back to business at Affinity. Hope everyone had an awesome 4th!