A horrible accident and a common thread brings hope to Damien Lopez Alfonso

For over a year now, New York City based bike blog/website NYVeloicty and its very loyal viewers (who make up the greater NYC racing community) have reached out to Damien Lopez Alfonso a Cuban born man who  was tragically electrocuted at the age of 13 and had massive injuries including amputations to his arms and facial burns and disfigurements. Despite his injury's and in an effort to resume his life, Damien channeled his focus and energy to riding his bike. Those efforts eventually paid off and Damien quickly realized that he was a very talented cyclist. He began racing in Havana Cuba entering road races and competing with the locals. He began winning races and moved up to elite level racing, making the competition seem like they were the ones with disabilities.

Damien eventually linked up with NYVelocity and New York Citys racing community to help bring new hopes and dreams to allow him to push forward and continue to live like a normal person. Damien has received help from many companies such as Shimano, Fuji, prosthetics company Hanger and the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction, which finances the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone. To make this amazing story even greater, many NYC racers and locals have offered money, food and a place to stay while Damien is in the city for the many operations which have been donated to help him.

NYVelocity has been following Damien story for sometime now, and The New York Times just published a big story about Damien and this amazing story. Follow the story here, and go to NYVelocity for more. This is a truly amazing story not only about how people can come together to help someone in need, but more importantly how Damien Lopez Alfonzo has overcome life's tragedies and pushed through tremendous obstacles to achieve greatness.

Photo's courtesy of Raymond McCrea Jones and The New York Times