CYCLEANGELO: A Presentation by Angelo Calilap

This is just in from Cycleangelo.. May 27 2011 7PM-8PM Apple Store | 401 West 14th Street If it wasn’t for everyone that I’ve ridden with and/or had the opportunity to photograph, this blog would not be possible. So come join me next week as I talk about how I combined my love for bikes and creating images to make CYCLEANGELO happen. Read the description via the Apple website below. Mark your calendars, and I’ll see you there!

Celebrating Bike Month NYC: Angelo Calilap Angelo Calilap began his blog CYCLEANGELO in 2009 to document his new-found passion for bikes and the culture surrounding them. At this event, meet Angelo and find out how he combined that passion with his love of photography to start a personal blog about rediscovering New York City on two wheels while snapping photos along the way. Find out how he uses the Mac and his iPhone to help create and maintain his blog.