Shop Visit: Bicycle Revolutions

Last week I caught up with Bryan and Heather from Bicycle Revolutions to drop off an order of the new H Plus Son TB14 box rims. Bryan and Heather moved just up the block from their old location to a new space that's twice the size and way nice.

Bryan has his choice custom bikes on display in the window and damn the signage looks good!

The store is stocked full of choice products and complete bicycles.

More custom builds and ample storage for wheels, the product displays are very friendly and well saturated through out the store.

Upstairs Bryan has built up his own personal office and shop area, not a bad setup... and he gets an eagle eye's view of the operations.

The space even came with a vintage kitchen setup and bryan tied it all in with the very branded BRevs colorways on the walls and floor tiles. Nice Affinity 212!

Thanks Bryan for stocking up on H Plus Son rims, if your in Philly stop by Bicycle Revolutions and check out the new space!