Redneck for BMX

Cyclecraft and Rocket are two companies which are very dear to my heart. Cyclecraft has been around since the mid 80's and was originally founded  by Terry "Shag" Shaughnessy. Cyclecraft BMX frames were made in the USA and they had the craziest custom paint jobs (mostly neon colors) from polka dots to fades but they were most famous for this crazy tye-die effect. Rocket bikes was owned by Bill Prince who also worked for MCS, Bill helped design some of the early MCS frames including the Mantis which I wanted to bad when I was like 8 or 9. Growing up in the bmx scene in Florida I knew most of these guys and I raced with some of them as well. We would go on these "Pro" tours during the summer and travelled alot to national events yearly and also to the NBL Grand Nationals.

These two companies were heavy hitters in the early 90's. Cyclecraft had a ton of big riders but Brian Foster was probably the most famous. I managed to find a few pics of Brian on an Pro XLX Cyclecraft with the Dirt Legz forks, each image has him on a different bike both with crazy paint schemes. Dirt Legz forks are super rare these days mainly because everyone broke them... but they looked so rad! I still have my original Pro XLX Cyclecraft with the Dirt Legz forks and they rule!

Rocket had a pretty legit frame and their racing team was fast! Bill Prince started Rocket in the mid 90's aright around the time when anodizing made a come back to BMX (mostly Purple). That was also the time when "Pro Forxs" front suspension forks were the shit in BMX. Rocket was sponsored by Pro Forxs and the team guys got the fork brace that had the triangle shape instead of the normal production round shape. I found this pic of Corey Demberger who was a really fast pro at the time. You'll see the pro forxs with the team issue triangle pro fork brace, he later sold me that triangle fork brace and I felt so damn cool, hell yeah.

Enjoy the BMX old school-ness!