DJ CRazE pushes the limits

So I was checking the daily blogosphere while the team kits were saving in Illustrator when I came across a video of DJ Craze on Yimmy Yayo. DJ Craze is a 5x DMC World Champion, 3 of those titles he won in a row. His style and techniques are second to none, in fact I know first hand having chilled with Craze, J-Smoke and the then Turntable Crash Dummies which later merged with The Allies. My best friend Bryan lived with DJ J Smoke (Jamen), so the Allies and a ton of the worlds sickest DJ's would come over the apartment and practice their routines. Seeing this video brought me way back, this was exactly what we would do all day long. In fact, they pushed the limits of turntablism, and had a style that no one else was doing at the time.

These guys were way ahead of there time and this video shows that Craze hasn't skipped a beat. Check it out!