Monster Track 2011

Monster Track 2011 was without a doubt one of the best run events in years. The race went really smooth, no one got hurt, and the after party (and all of the parties) was a blast. Crihs took the crown this year, winning by 13 minutes with JT in second (he took a wrong turn early) and Eli B got 3rd. Heather got first place girl, with Jen (BFF) got 2nd and Roz from Boston got 3rd. Victor pulled it off this year, the course was tough with three manifests covering over 40 miles. Crihs won by a mile, maybe it was becuase of that sick hed wheel (loaned by Affinity) hahahahaha! Congrats to Crihs for bringing home the title. Thanks to Cycleangelo for the pics, check out his website for more Monster Track coverage.