Brooklyn Velodrome (hopefully!)

So I've been working for several months on a proposal for a Brooklyn Velodrome (hopefully in Greenpoint or Williamsburg), and though I feel like it is a bit to early to release info sometimes the media steps in and lends a helpful hand to get things moving. Case in point: The Brooklyn Paper. Check out the article, which highlights the team as well as the project I'm proposing and planning. Hopefully things develop well over the next several months and if so we may have a cycling center for track racing, bmx, road racing and recreational activities within the next two years. We're creating a "friends of the Velodrome" facebook page and website to help pledge support which will be up very soon. We are also seeking patrons to help fund the project. Affinity will be pledging money and complete bicycles so any additional help by way of financing or products would be greatly appreciated. Please send email inquiries to The pledge form will also be sent out for signatures of support and "the friends of" facebook and website will be available as an open forum to help spread the word and rally for support. What can I say, I want say six day events and world class track racing in Brooklyn!!