May 29, 2010 - Affinity Masters and Rookies at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center

Saturday, May 29 Affinity riders Jon Chambers, Jody Pogue, Christopher Barbaria, Andrew LaCorte, Cam Reider, Stephanie Torres and new Junior Rider Anthony Freeman (former NYC Star Track program) participated  at the  Saturday Masters/Rookies Races at Valley Preferred Cycling Center, aka T-TOWN, for those not privy to the new name of the new Cycling Center name.

In the Masters field Andrew LaCorte won the Points and Scratch race taking the over all Omnium thanks to some fine team work and an excellent lead out by Jon Chambers.

Andrew LaCorte

Jody Pogue won the Tempo race with some excellent team work Affinity riders presented.   Jody was then able to concentrate on winning the two point laps  while LaCorte, Chambers and Barbaria held off the field.

Jody Pogue

In the Junior races Anthony Freeman won most of the events that he entered even placed in a couple of Cat 5 races before he went down.  He was fine and was ready to ride in Gil's training group and hour later but we decided to have him sit out for a day to recover.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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