Tuesday Night Pro-Am Series Begins

Tuesday  May 25, 2010 Seven Affinity riders showed up for the opening night at the VPCC.  Erin Whitmore, John Linchitz, David Espinoza, Andrew LaCorte, Jody Pogue, Dan Sullivan and John Chambers.

David Espinoza, Dan Sullivan, John Lintchiz and Andrew LaCorte  contested the Pro-Am Series.

In the 10 Lap Scratch David Espinoza took 2nd, and Andrew LaCorte took 9th. During the Super Sprint (Miss-and-out down to 10 riders, race then becomes a 3 lap Scratch) Espinoza took 4th with assistance from LaCorte who made it to the 11th rider but recognized Espinoza was boxed in.  LaCorte  dropped back to be the last rider to be pulled so that Espinoza had one lap to get out of the middle of the pack.  And it paid off as Espinoza was able to then get to the front for the remainder of the race to take 4th.

David Espinoza

In the Pro-Am overall omnium David Espinoza was able to get 5th place.  David latest comments: "Great night for the team in general.  We are more then anything a sprint team.  So to expect anything from those events was asking a bit much".

In the Stagiaires event  John Chambers took 3rd in the Scratch race and placed 5th overall in the Stagiaries Omnium

Jon Chambers

Overall Affinity survived and managed to still get into the top 5 of two omniums.

Dan Sullivan

Points race train attempted by LaCorte (Middle) followed by Sullivan and Linchitz.

Official Photographer of the Affinity Track Cycling Team

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