Cycle Sunday Pre-Game For The Bootleg Sessions 4 Premier!

What a beautiful weekend! Philly was blooming with bicycle festivities. Saturday was the RE Load Maypril Fools Fun Ride, many POINTS were awarded and much FUN was had. Sunday was the Bootleg Sessions 4 premier at Tattooed Moms for the Cycle Sunday series, and before a handful of folks got together for a quick session at 4th and Reed St to ride the "volcano". My buddy Adam Nordmeyer grabbed some great pics.

Sam taking Drew's dollar bet to barspin the Volcano, It took more than three tries so he did not win the dollar but he did nail that shit!

Multiple times!

B-More was well represented to say the least.

Dr. Fast was working it pretty hard, despite  being a bit worse for wear from Saturday and tons of riding on top of the drinking.

Sometimes he won, sometimes the bike won...

Tony throwin' some bars.

Alright, it was time for flip flops, no more shredding for this guy.

Drew finding some his groove on the Volcano.

Drew always making it look smooth and easy.

Big Lee the Tree making the Volcano shake!

And where the fixed gears boldly go, 20" go BIG! Bryson getting over.

JP getting rad with a sweet foootjam tailwhip! It's gotta be those arms...

After we all rolled over to T-Moms for some beers and heckling Tony during his part of BLS 4. Really nice end to a great weekend, thanks to Adam for grabbing so many pics and letting me share them with you all.