Bonzai BMX

Back in the day (1991-1992) I rode for Bonzai BMX. I found this picture on of an old Bonzai teammate Chris Frederick. Chris was about 5 years older than me and raced either pro or superclass at the time. This was taken at the NBL Grand Nationals, I believe in 1992. Crazy picture, he actually pulls it together and keeps racing. Also in the picture are two Cycle Craft bmx frames, one with dirt legz forks, I later rode for Cycle Craft (co-sponsor) and I still have my Cycle Craft Pro XLX with the original dirt legz. Bonzai was a small company out of Lantana Florida who made 6061 Aluminum BMX frames, I had a neon yellow Bonzai pro xl, If anyone know's where to get one, email me!