Water Street Philadelphia

I might have missed the Water Street Session last night, but Gary Wilpizeski sent me some great photos to share with Y'all.

Yesterday was Bicycle Revolutions' 4th Anniversary, Heather and I met up with a couple of friends for some food and a few drinks at the Pope. So while I missed the shennanigans at Water St, I was celebrating with the people I love.

Jesse getting vertical, and looking very shiny.

Mike hitting the wall with a nice foot plant.

Ronnie floating above the "ramp"

Throwing them handle bars!

Apparently Tommy and Rory were trying to see who would puke first while upside down.

Philly is the city of brotherly love, and there was no shortage of Man Love at Water Street last night.

I gotta say I am very happy to have seen the Philly bike community growing over the past 4 years and to be able to contribute to it is rewarding.