Shepard Fairey Invades Philadelphia

After a lazy sunday brunch with Wilis and Mary, who were nice enough to come down from NYC for our 4th anniversary party last night, we decided to check out a couple of pieces that Shepard Fairey just installed around town. The first being at the Rocket Cat Cafe in fishtown.

There were quite a few flyers and stickers plastered around the boxes and poles, apparently ROGER was here...

And Frank was here...

Yes Shepard, we know...

Andre still has a posse!

And then Wilis and I decided to join the Warlocks MC gang, look how tough we are.

Then we headed back down south to the Awesome Dudes printshop. Apparently Shepard hit it up there as well. I really love this one, the Andre Fiend face is awesome.

Rise Above!

It was a nice field trip, great to spend some time with Wilis and Mary before they headed back to the BIG CITY on the china town bus. Looking forward to their next visit for the RE Load Maypril Fools Ride, and we might head up to visit them again for the Bike Film Fest or July 4th Escape From New York. A great weekend, now time for a nap.