Ride like you stole it... Affinity in the war zone

So Ben and I have been in touch with a US Military solider in Afghanistan and we've helped him get an Affinity Lo Pro! Crazy right? We've emailed with him a few times and just a few days ago we got a picture from him riding around the bases and in the surrounding towns. He's a really cool guy who just wanted a trusty bike to get around on and something to keep his sanity while being in such a crazy place. Nice Powell Peralta shirt dude! I think this has to be the best Affinity picture i've ever seen! Hold it down and be safe man, I suppose out there the need for a helmet is on a whole different level! We hooked him up with some upgrades, Velocity B43's and Fyxation tires for some extra toughness. Thanks again for the great picture, we'll be sending you out some more upgrades for your bike to make things a bit more comfy. Maybe some twisted pc's and Holfast straps to start! I never thought an Affinity and a hummvee would be in the same picture but damn, i'm honored!