New old Same old New

Ok it has been a while. The website was down, I was working too much and I know that I just shouldn't have left you to your own devices so long. I promise it won't happen again. TCB Courier is well off the ground, we even signed another client today! It has been a lot of work spreading our strain of Snap Delivery culture out here in SF. People here are buying in and succumbing to laziness which fattens my wallet and makes me faster.

Racing. Yes. The Hellyer track season starts a full two months before the east coast does and this big-boy was a little bit out of racing shape for my first race last month, the 1st race of the Get Ready for Summer Series. It was a qualifier for the AVC here in June and I wanted to qualify, since I wasn't sure if I was already pre-qualified, but I FAILED. I got a little education in track racing on the West Coast by my GF's X-BF taking me to the boards in my first Keirin heat. I did have too big of a gear (96") on but who's counting. It was a bit of a blow to the ego, this being the first time that I haven't won the first omnium I entered in like three or four seasons, but the following Tuesday night races were a lot better. I put an 88" on and tailgunned my way on to the podium this week.

My basic training strategy this last winter was to squat as much as heavy I could (3x3) and not to ride my bike or Crossfit. I have been riding my bike for work for six or seven years and my relatively recent relocation and joblessness gives me the opportunity to make some gains strength through a basic linear progression Starting Strength style. Something I have never done. Lift heavy, rest, lift heavy, rest, repeat. My 1rm deadlift and back squat are up about 100 lbs from last year, but I just had zero endurance as the season started. Even roller workouts were sucking the life from me. I got a job teaching spin classes at a place called Hot Body Fitness and that consistent work did improve endurance, but not enough for competition. So with the goal of raising endurance and leg speed, it's 88" tailgunning for a few months unless there's something big on the line.

I start a new job at VeloSF on Monday, so I am back in action teaching peeps how to get fast. If anyone remembers my Tuesday class at Affinity HQ winter-before-last, leave us a comment so I can show my new bosses how badass I was.