4.20 Philly Trip

Yesterday I packed up all my stuff and went down to Philly to spend the day with Tom LaMarche. For those of you who don't know who Tom is, he's the fixed freestyle posterchild. For over 3 years now, he's been pushing the envelope of our sport and the following photos show you exactly how he does that!

Before I show you the good stuff, I better get this one out of the way. Here's me, gapping from the top tier to the grass, clearing the sidewalk.

Back to the mega ups. Here's Tom, getting "high" on 4.20...

It gets better. Check out that hop! These are all from flat ground too. No kickers, no photoshop, just a massive flat-ground bunnyhop over a 60cm frame. It's over 36"! On a fixed gear with 700c wheels and 2" tires. While some people were getting baked out of their minds, Philly was raising the bar.

What a way to spend your 4.20! If you wanna see more photos, there's two post on my blog covering it. Here and here.