There's an app for That... WADA's Banned Substance List

DrugSearch 1.3 is a free Iphone app which allows you to search WADA's (World Anti Doping Agency) list of banned substances. Very cool, especially for serious athletes (professional or amatuer) who compete at an elite level and need clarification about the supplements, medications, food or products they take. Simply check the labels on your products, find the ingredients and search for it on the app. It even updates the list when WADA adds substances to their banned list. James Mattis, a pro racer is the brain child of the app, his wife who is also a pro racer. They face the same scenarios as many elite athletes... not having adequate resources for information about banned substances. Thanks James for the great app, its a tremendous resource for all athletes! 11265398153771_lrjy0fihr0ee