Sean's Taxi Bike!

I've been meaning to post this pic and story for a while, its a great find which I stumbled upon while searching the web one night for something track bike related... Here's the story... So I heard (from John John) about the Boston Scrambler race in 2003, and a contest for the nicest track bike. There were tons of custom builds and peeps came representing some sick track bikes. In the end, our boy Sean shows up and wins the contest with his NYC Taxi bike.  It was a KHS Flite with some ripped of NYC taxi stickers, and was all beat up but looked pretty rad. So here's these dudes showing some sick rare finds, blinged out to perfection, and Sean rolls up on his NYC beater work bike and takes the cake.

Fast forward, to that night when i'm scouring the web and I find Sean's Taxi bike at!! The seems to be lying dormant since 2004, and the contest was the Kick-Ass Track Bike Show. The site's a time capsule and definitely old school at this point in the game.

Enjoy the pic and check out Sean definitely represented with his NYC inspired track bike with street roots and original flare.